2g CO 2 /km x 10.000 km/year year 0.02 tons CO 2 150g CO 2 /km x 10.000 km/year all year 1.5 tons CO 2
  • The possibility of free charging in special locations
  • The cost of electric charging at home is 6 times lower than the cost of refueling
  • Almost zero maintenance costs
  • No advance needed at the start of the contract
  • No maintenance costs
  • No obligations at the end of the contract
  • More efficient financial planning
E posibil să iei o mașină electrică în leasing operațional?

The difference between financial lease and operating lease is in the contract terms and the property right at the end of the contract. The advantage of an operating lease is that you don’t have to pay an advance at the start of the contract, that you don’t have maintenance costs and, at the end of the contract, you can switch to a new car. Plus, as a company, it’s easier to pay a rent (operating lease) than to register the acquisition of a good (financial lease).

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